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Ebay turbo's TO4B's

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Turbo ebay to4b

andynogo wrote:I bought a turbo kit off grant and it makes no power at all!

Mind you, I still haven't put the engine back in the car....

Seriously, he was a top bloke to deal with (you can actually phone him up and speak to a real person) and the gear looks absolutely fine. I have also heard good reports about his turbos. I guess if someone has had any problems with his stuff they'll post it up.

you r so funny when i saw your reply (I bought a turbo kit off grant and it makes no power at all!) i was very upset but then kept reading and saw your motor not even in the car ,the turbo on the ebay link has a very small compressor wheel i think around 58mm inducer ,they have no 360deg thrust plate ,and have a very poor piston ring in the back of them thats why you only get 6 months warranty ,we give 12mnths warranty as most people dont even get their car running within 6 months ,the exhaust wheel is also not a true p trim and many other things good for around 300-330rwhp spend the little extra and you will be infront in the long run without buying a garrett turbo our t04z type turbos make easy 400rwhp on as low as 12psi on a ser 6 motor depending on your mods ,if any question fatrx3808 please call me on 0407037840 thanks grant dixon

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