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Munro racing turbochargers supply the following services. EXCHANGE REBUILT AND UPGRADED TURBOCHARGERS
Clich here to see the exchange process.

Several common turbo types can be built or are stocked for exchanging. This is listed on the Home page but if they don't show in stock it is best to enquire anyway.

Rebuilding Turbochargers

Standard Turbochargers can outlast the life of the engine when
looked after.But they aren't indestructable.Most Turbochargers
are rebuildable and many years of experience is needed to apply the
tricks to building a reliable Turbocharger. with hiflow compressor wheel"

Hiflows--Compressor wheels,
Turbine wheels

To increase the airflow into an engine from a turbocharger a larger
compressor wheel is fitted .To prevent increasing back pressure a
larger turbine wheel is fitted.Doing both does create LAG. A balance
is needed to minimize lag and keep it driveable.We have found out
the problems with both methods and others through countless experiments.

Modifications to Turbochargers

There are many areas in which a Turbocharger needs modications
weather its to fit in an engine bay or adapt to a manifold
such as to4b hiflow conversion capable of 600hp
for a VL turbo comodoore ,even internal modifications to help performance and reliability such as 360° thrust,oil drainage
mods,flow porting,ballbearing,ect.There is ongoing
development in more modifications to turbochargers,
check out the projects page.

Balancing to tight tolerances

Critical to the reliability of a turbocharger is balancing,but not
just shaft or rotor balancing ,it needs balancing as an assembled
unit (core) also.Balancing to below spec tolerances,rechecks
and core balancing is how long life turbocharger reliability
is achived even on extreme horsepower engines.

Diagnosis of demaged Turbochargers

The majority of demaged turbochargers are caused by oil system
Fault- dirty oil,low oil pressure,too hot,wrong oil,ect.Most
customers ask"What went wrong"?If it's not an oil issue its
usually a setup problem meaning incorrect turbo matching
to engine or poor accessories adjustment or size.

Race prep and custom builds

Years of race car and high power turbo building and experiments has giving cutsomers the edge on the other team or just more power and reliability with their Turbocharger.

High end custom builds and very unusual turbo modifications are common with Munro Racing Turbochargers.

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